Beautiful tone, beautiful heart -Dr. Suzuki

piano teacher madison wi
piano teacher madison wi

Welcome to the homepage of Kite Suzuki Piano of Madison.

Start Suzuki Piano Lessons!

Contact Sigrun Franzen to arrange a time to observe a current lesson.  You will have the opportunity to see the Suzuki method in practice and to speak with a parent. 

Suzuki is a whole person, whole family approach to music study.  Every child can learn to play with beauty and ease.

Dr. Suzuki wanted to create noble hearts in children. A good explanation of his philosophy can be found here:

About the Suzuki Method

Here is a short bio of Shinichi Suzuki:

Shinichi Suzuki

Why choose Suzuki over a traditional method?  

  •  It provides a beautiful, satisfying, graded repertoire from the very beginning.  
  • Its focus is on small, manageable steps, each designed to build a foundation of musicianship and technique.
  • It develops the ear as well as the eye
  •  It provides students with a common repertoire, and during group classes they can easily play together.  
  • It values mutual respect between the teacher and student.
  • The SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas) hosts Summer Institutes all around the country for children and families

A common misperception is that Suzuki students do not learn to read music notation well.  Therefore, I emphasize that reading skills are taught just as consistently as repertoire and musicianship skills.

I teach adults as well.  My current adult students do not follow a traditional Suzuki method.  We use the Mastering the Piano series, and supplement it with other music according to individual goals and desires.